Eco-Friendly Sun Wear

S M W H R ☼ S N N Y

Creating premium swimwear from recycled plastic

Somewhere Sunny is an eco-friendly sun wear brand founded in Phoenix, Arizona.

After creating and selling an innovative sunglasses brand, we were able to understand how business decisions can make huge impacts on our environment, so when we started Somewhere Sunny, a primary goal was to reduce the overall environmental footprint by limiting fabric waste and using recycled and renewable materials and organic fabrics in each design.

Today, we have a full line of swimwear that, on average, is made of 90% recycled plastic water bottles. Each pair of swim shorts utilizes approximately 12 single-use, ocean-bound water bottles. The remaining material is made of sustainable bamboo-based or organic fabrics.

We track the material and supply chain sourcing to ensure the products are sustainable and ethically produced. Beyond the company's 'Planet over profits' mentality, we embody what sustainability stands for and are certified by the organization 1% for the Planet, representing a global network of businesses focused on environmental issues.

Find your sun for mental health

What's in a Name?

Our brand name, "Somewhere Sunny," came about because we wanted to create a positive and uplifting space for people who struggle with anxiety and depression. As a team who often faces these challenges, we know firsthand how tough it can be. We are here to offer a place where we can go to escape from our negative thoughts and feelings—Somewhere Sunny.

Our tagline, "Find Your Sun," is the mantra we use on tough days to remind ourselves to look for the bright side. Happiness is not something that falls into your lap - you have to actively seek it out. So, our brand encourages people to take control of their lives and make choices that lead to a sunnier day. #findyoursun
Limiting our footprint with sustainability

What Does Eco-Friendly Mean?

To us, it means limiting our footprint. We maximize use of ethically produced recycled materials. And when recycled material isn't an option, as in some of our tops, we will use a wildly-abundant, organic crop that does not require any water or pesticides to produce. Furthermore, we limit our fabric waste by finding creative ways to use scraps, such as using the scraps from our bamboo tops as the pockets in our pants and shorts.
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Why Somewhere Sunny?

We require our manufacturers to have completed a Safe and Respectful Working Environment audit. Learn more >

Our manufacturers must dispose of wastewater and hazardous substances safely and lawfully. In addition, every manufacturer must do everything within their power to reduce power use, hazardous chemicals, and wastewater.

Our goal is to use recycled or renewable fabrics whenever possible. All of our plastic polybags are recycled or biodegradable. We use only recycled materials in our shipping materials, and we do not use any plastic in our package filler.

We joined 1% for the Planet to certify responsible giving and hold ourselves accountable. Certification for 1% for the Planet is only given to companies that commit to donating 1% of their annual sales or salary to environmental causes. Learn more >

We offer a fair and ethical warranty process. The policy is clear and easy to follow. As part of that policy, we prefer to repair rather than replace products when acceptable to conserve resources and reduce manufacturing impact.

With sunshine in the forecast 90% of the time, Arizona is undoubtedly the best place to create a sun protection and swimwear brand. Home to more than 300 golf courses, over 100 resorts, and many mountains to hike, there is an unlimited supply of sun to test our products to the limits.