Boxer Briefs vs. Net Liners: The Ultimate Showdown

Recycled Boxer Brief Liners

When it comes to choosing the right type of liner for your swimming trunks, you used to only have one option to keep your boys from becoming beach balls: A mesh net liner, which is like your grandpa's old briefs, scratchy and not comfortable. Sure, they might provide some support, but let's be honest; no one wants to feel like they're wearing a spiderweb down there.

Enter Somewhere Sunny Recycled Boxer Brief Liners…

We've got you covered (literally) with our new ultra-comfortable boxer brief liners. Made from soft, 4-way stretch (recycled) fabric, the boxer brief liners provide the perfect amount of support and coverage without adding any extra bulk…they are even comfortable enough to wear outside the pool.

I suppose you could always go commando with board shorts or wear your everyday underwear but let's paint a picture for you before you do that: Going commando in your swim trunks sounds like a great idea until you're left with "swimsuit wedgies" and chafing that could rival a cheese grater. Not a good look. And wearing your everyday underwear under your swim trunks is just plain weird, unsanitary, and very uncomfortable.

In conclusion, while both types of liners have pros and cons, you can see why boxer brief liners are the superior choice for swimsuits. They are more comfortable, offer more support and coverage, and are more durable than traditional net liners. So next time you are shopping for swimming trunks, consider opting for a pair with a boxer brief liner for the best possible fit and comfort.